Memphis Uke Party DVD


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The ukulele is a great blues instrument! Not in a generic way either-the Memphis Uke Party ukulele instructional DVD will show you versions of blues and jug band tunes from Gus Cannon, the Memphis Jug Band, Frank Stokes, Bo Carter and other giants of ‘20s string band music.

You’ll soon be playing seven songs, great for solo or group playing, that incorporate blues licks, rhythmic effects, unusual chord changes and intricate picking techniques that absolutely transform this wonderful little instrument. Working in GCEA tuning in a variety of keys, Del teaches songs that feature both strumming and fingerpicking, giving the old jug band songs a whole new twist on the ukulele.

You won’t find a better teacher than Del Rey to show you how to get exciting new sounds out of your ukulele. Songs: Satisfied, Tired Chicken, Bottle Up and Go, Tappin’ That Thing, The Law’s Gonna Step On You, Downtown Blues #2 and No Junk Out of You.

Here’s a sample: