Meet the Hobemians

So who are we? Mainly we’re Del Rey (Artistic Director, Artist, Graphic and Web Design) and Del’s mom Eileen (Product Fufillment, Cake Maker). The name “hobemian” came about when Eileen started pondering the difference between hobos, hippies and bohemians one afternoon.

Del Rey and Fiestaware

Decision-making at Hobemian Records.


Product Fufillment Gal:Mom.

Shipping and very careful handling.

When you order a CD either Del or Eileen will pack it up and ship it. Sometimes we assemble them too for the short run projects. Most of the CD covers are done by Del Rey, but recording we leave to the professionals. Expect a fantastic sounding acoustic performance, where the emphasis is on live playing and real musical interactions.


Also. remember our guarantee:


Hobemian Records was founded in 1991.

Our first release was the Del Rey and the Blues Gators CD “Chartruese”. It’s been a “vanity” label (mostly we put out Del Rey and Del Rey-related projects) but we’ve become a “hubris label”: in 2009 we released Steve James’ Short Blue Stories and  we are proud to say our first release of 2014, Arthur Migliazza’s “Laying It Down” was completely Del Rey-free, as is 2015’s “Steve James Live Volume 1”. Don’t worry our 2017 release, is all Del Rey…we have eighteen titles in print, so start shopping!